Roni offers you its expertise in decorating villas and yachts with:

• The Expertise Yacht & Villas Roni
• A team of mobile florists from March to October to decorate your yacht anywhere in the world, 7 days a week
• Year-round international flower shipping service

The Expertise Yachts & Villas Roni

A specialized and dedicated team constantly monitors the quality of flowers and its suppliers to ensure exceptional service to its privileged customers. The products are shipped in selected packaging and delivered at the time and place indicated. Our team uses different means of transport (air, sea, land) to ensure fast and quality delivery.
For your villa between Cannes and Monaco, the Roni team will be happy to come and meet you on-site to give you its best advice for a floral decoration especially designed for the chosen location and upon your wishes.
For your yacht, the Roni team travels and delivers to you all over the world whether you are at sea in France or abroad.
To perfect its service, the Roni team has developed a training for yacht crews to assist them in the floral decoration of boats and thus offer them greater autonomy for the future. It is also a cordial time of sharing between our florists and these crews.
The Yachts department still has many surprises in store for you for the year to come. So always sail further to make your dreams travel higher, Roni will always be by your side to make your moments even more beautiful!

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